Latest Hair Style Rihanna Worst

Latest Hair Style Rihanna Worst

Latest Hair Style Rihanna Worst
Rihanna (Pictures: Dailymail)

Rihanna's name is usually included in the celebrity with the best performance. However, who would have thought if the new haircut it in the list of the worst.

The appearance of celebrities always received great attention from the public. Anything worn by celebrities the world, will usually also be replicated by his fans.

However, the celebrities also make mistakes in appearance. More recently, a study carried out to find, like what hair style worst artist in this century.

The first position of the artist with the worst hairstyle occupied by Rihanna. The respondents choose a hairstyle "bald next" Riri as the worst hairstyle. Chris Brown's lover was shaved in the head, and then let the other parts remain long. At least, 20 percent of respondents placing it in this position.

David Beckham with his cornrows hair competing, with the acquisition of voting as much as 19 percent, which put him in second. Furthermore, mullet haircut, Mohawk hair Scarlett Johansson and Kelly Osbourne followed in positions three and four.

Beckham is not the only football player who is on this list. Because, Cristiano Ronaldo with oily hair is present at position five.

Francesca Davies of, the initiator of the study, said, "I was not surprised when the hair styles come in as the worst in this century."

However, that surprised him was the number of people who imitate the style. "I never thought the pieces would be very popular," he concluded, as quoted Dailymail.


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