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World celebrities do give a good variety of inspirations in fashion, beauty, until the business. Especially about the makeup and hair styles, celebrities and models often become role models for many people. In fact so popular, until a few years hairstyles have not become a trend that still remembered and revered.

Well, here are four celebrity hair styles of the most popular and remembered lots of people.
bob Haircut Victoria Beckham

The wife of footballer David Beckham has always been a center of inspiration in terms of fashion and beauty. Many styles of hair and clothing that imitated and used as inspiration by the end of the world. When she cut her hair short in the style bob haircut long in the front, once many people emulate this style. In the back, so it looks high layered hair and volume.

This hair style also gives the impression of straight hair and contain. No wonder that many who imitate today.

Rihanna's asymmetrical bob cut

There is also a comment that this is a piece asymmetrical cuts were reckless. But yet many are eventually mimic this style. Rihanna is a celebrity who popularized bobcut asymmetrical style. On the side hair styled and cut bobcut, while the other side just like a short-cropped pixie cut.

Pieces 'Rachel' Jennifer Aniston
Surely you are familiar with the series Friends were full of laughter and told him about friendship. Still remember the role of Rachel sung by Jennifer Aniston? There he was cutting his hair, and put a slit in the middle. So the hair evenly split into two right and left side. The front cover to the part of the face, giving the impression of taper and help cover the cheeks wide.

Pieces 'Minnie Mouse Ribbon' Lady Gaga
The singer a rising and this one confirms controversial different styles in fashion and beauty. One time he showed up with a ribbon on top of her hair, which apparently was part of the original hair styled in such a way as to form a ribbon.

Among the above four styles, which hairstyles inspires you?

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