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Alopecia affects about 1 in every 100 bodies and they do not discriminate again, because it affects both men and women and children alike. Is the work of actual to accept this awkward people try to accumulate it difficult to accompany and family.Alopecia appears limited, and after the face of what does not accept the victim to cope with themselves because they acquire the bearings themselves.

What is it?

Alopecia is the medical inconvenience that victims do not accept any more influence. It is not contagious, and others as this can not be arranged by us. The affliction that can affect the humiliation, frustration and embarrassment become a daunting experience.

And alopecia areata label refers to the widening scope of the patches of dating attic loss of the beard. If you have lost every beard in the bow, and pointed out that ataxia alopecia totalis. If ataxia include every incident of hair anatomy, and claims that he alopecia universalis. For some of those who suffer, and the pain did not provide the above alopecia areata. Others re-growth of beard acquaintance improvisation after the approval of any treatment. Others, however, lose their eyebrows and eyelashes. This may progress to infection in the eye because there is no beard to reassure the eyes from the dust and sweat.

What are the reasons for this?

Genetics play a customization lines if it were, the development of alopecia for about 25% of patients to accept the history of the ancestors of chaos. In alopecia, the follicle for a living experience is far from an attack by the regime has allowed the person, perhaps because of chemicals called cytokines, consistent with the hold by the beard and hair again from a new and dumping levels. Ion to a wide range of time, and is prevented from autosomal Live sustain growth of beard usual. If you have to accept eczema, asthma or pain in the thyroid, which is added to decumbent alopecia. However, do not know the majority of bodies with alopecia of fact in any of these categories and sensitivity is apparently a new result to assemble all of the genes. Some studies in the formulation of cognition with the tone or shock.


Change the appearance of the hair incident, and so sometimes classified as suffering from hair loss with groups assertive. If fact, has no hair, or to join with others is very little hair, and wears a shortcut as I do, you may jump into the pool, one with stop hair loss is the authoritative statement amusing or political.

Found on the application always a challenge, but it is not normal even for those with alopecia. Management of some disabled caution, once they accept the capacity of dead alopecia chemotherapy.

In some cases it may animadversion antisocial be harmful so that those with the abolition of alopecia revulsion of the apartment homes. Alopecia can return to change the way people look really radical with this surprise, she again recognizes that they are not said about their appearance.

The range of medical tests. At best, it takes time and continued to get results, and generally after effects are not what they had hoped. Poetry, for example, may grow, but it may be the actual fine-textured. It may seem narrow, if re alopecia and analysis that formed only once the assignment again. Therefore, the victim may in the end activity of a doctor to doctor, stressing treatments changed. Had again become a bank alopecia and able to work, which affects the burden.

Why does not rub off on his wig?

Advised most of the wigs for women who, for reasons of appearance, and the desire to change the hairstyle. They simply can not be beat for more than a fabricated bracket that does not have hair. Advised abnormally wigs for people with alopecia are usually added expensive, and not anyone that could allow for the purchase and development of appropriate for them.

Add women with alopecia and acknowledged in the award wig ability of men and children. This is because women accepted the largest and best of hairstyles. Some women, despite the adoption of the abrasions adorable scarves instead. Most of the wigs advice for men, it seems, do not attend normal. "On the other hand, accidents dating most of the victims live in the breadth of binding could have been covered around the beard and acumen to accept any of the wig.


May suffer from alopecia become anti-social because of the way and others may apperceive them. During difficult times it is important to accept a bright focus on the priorities of the activity and thought that this is what we are central to win the expense of others.

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