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The Assential Fall Trends Hairstyle

(It is the interaction between Charlotte Catherin and Relaxnews.Com)
To Relaxnews.Com, Charlotte Catherin, director of the training center Dessange, has deciphered the essential fall hairstyles and trends. And this year, Bob is the word.
Relaxnews.Com: What will be the trend hairstyle 2012 fall season?
Charlotte Catherin: For this fall, the idea is to give a modern, graphical treatment to classic styles and very square. The bob square will be in the trend, with full-on bangs and layers: sawing prevail.
Charlotte Catherin, head of the Dessange training centre
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Relaxnews.Com: There are many ways to wear a bob?Charlotte Catherin: In fact, there are several possibilities. You can choose a style with bangs or adopt the cluttered look, a classic Dessange. It is important to keep things natural. Bob round also can be maintained in the short or rework in a modern way.
Relaxnews.Com: What about long hair?Charlotte Catherin: Women can also choose a longer form of this style. Ideally, a couple with full bangs long layers, but no. All you need to remember is that the layered look is out of fashion.
Relaxnews.Com: What are the essential trends of the Autumn-Winter 2012?Charlotte Catherin: The ponytail will make a comeback, and so will the French bread, in a very graphic and geometric with a modern strip.
Relaxnews.Com: Is there a way to avoid faux-pas?Charlotte Catherin: No "faux-pas" per say. No single trend to adopt, but some. It's more a matter of style. Choosing the wrong style for you to disregard your personality and style and the type of hair you have, it would be a real mistake. For example, you should not try to be fair, if you are a brunette and vice versa.
Relaxnews.Com: What's New Frontline coloring?Charlotte Catherin: In Dessange, we are blonde tones. Color This year will be a blond frosted glass, uniform color, without shadows. However, the same principle applies for brunettes: no reflections, no shadows. Dark or blonde, there is no in between like honey tones.
Relaxnews.Com: Com All accessories "that"?
Charlotte Catherin: This year, the band will be the ultimate accessory, seen in all forms, complete or more side movement. The tape also should make a comeback.  

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