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Trends short hairstyle - Short hairstyles by face

Short Hairstyle - It is nothing new to tell them that short hair is one of the clearest trends of the 2012 season, as can be seen everywhere marking popularity, so much so that more and more celebrities, one of our main references of fashion, they take your look more and more bold and flattering. But just so we are still many women who still do not dare to change, since one of the things that worries us is that this type of cut does not flatter your face.

But this does not happen simply must do an analysis of our factions way to find the style that suits us, and that is why through this post we present short hairstyles by face shape.

Short hair round face girls:

Short Hairstyles By Face, Short Hairstyles, Short Haircuts, trends hairstyle
An excellent choice for girls who have a nice round face is to go for haircuts that complete at least one inch below the jaw and possibly play with some layers.

Short hair for faces in a rather square:

Short Hairstyles By Face, Short Hairstyles, Short Haircuts, trends hairstyle
If they are girls face perfectly square structure can boast of such a face as attractive by a haircut of those who go straight from very short in the back of the neck to the chin in the the front, so as to check the jaw further added to the face so attractive.

Short hair for women rather elongated face:

Short Hairstyles By Face, Short Hairstyles, Short Haircuts, trends hairstyle
Many women tend to have complex long face with a broad forehead, for it has always been one of the most recommended for such women have been opting for haircuts with bangs, and short hairstyles bangs medium gift layered and moving is one of the most effective recommendations to enjoy the 2012 season, as it is a cut that allows us to look fashionable while optically shorten the length of our face.
--Short Hairstyle

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